5 Books to 'must read' in the next 6 months.

There is information ‘out there’ that will tell you the way the world is going.

What’s going to be the new wave in the marketplace of business?

You don’t have to be psychic or even that clever to find out – you just have to pay attention.

I’m always watching.

Watching out for the new films, music, the covers of magazines and books.

And trying new things (like, this week, La Roux’s latest cd and The Word magazine – or twittering more)

Books for me tell you a lot about movement in thinking. If the authors have made it to the bookstand they have to be: 1. very good-usually, 2. current, 3. have a following, 4.someone has already seen its relevant for now.

So let me give you 5 books that you should look into. They are relevant ‘now’. They are part of the change in our thinking in business and so you will be able to really (and that’s excitingly practical) really use them to increase.

At worst it will make you more interesting to talk too!

‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell.

Watch out for this guy. I think his books are landmarks. This one is all about how success is actually achieved. And thank goodness it’s all about quality, dedication, time, upbringing and some luck. It makes sense and confirms all those that work really hard in their business to succeed.

‘FISH’ by Stephen Lundin.

It will take you an hour –max. Great for a Tasman flight. Read it to get the 4 simple rules to completely changing your office or group. I keep giving this one away!

‘Purple Cow’ by Seth Godin

More animals! This is the classic on how to grow your business by working on one thing – be remarkable! Defining stuff but also so encouraging for you to be YOU.

‘Jump Start your Brain’ by Doug Hall

My favourite creativity, and innovation book. And very important as Innovation is the currency now.

You’ll either love him or be driven nuts by him. And that’s just on the book level let alone hearing his podcasts. This is a big person. He’s the one that launched 9 new products at Proctor and Gamble in 12 months by himself before he left corporate. Get thinking and find out how to do it better now.

‘The Speed of Trust’ by Stephen MR Covey

It’s the son of the Covey you know and I think he does a better job on this subject than Dad. Totally relevant, vital understanding of the need for Trust, written mid 2008! Helps you understand why it’s the core of future currency in the marketplace.