All Change- Social media power

Whether we are keen on Tweets, being on Facebook or Digg (- ing it) its not going away. There has been a sea change in the way we communicate, get information and share ideas. The question is not 'how I feel about it’; rather 'can I afford to ignore it?" When the NZ Herald (actual paper version!) was the only thing to read at the auto shop this morning I couldn’t help but notice the irony that as a front page article its talking about its ‘tweet poll’ – so one of the causes of its demise is getting front page news!

Today I’m buying a couple of books (via a choice of price and offerings at Amazon, Fishpond and eBay) Researching a choice of laptop (cnet reviews to hear what 77 other people bothered to blog on it – they all hate the 90 day only telephone support – bet Apple change that soon) and thinking up new ways to market my house as the real estate industry, as we know it, continues to die. Even my agent said the only thing working for her is Trade Me.

Try Seth Godin’s blog. He speaks a lot on marketing and social media for which he’s the ‘most read’ in the world (real time, worldwide, netspace)