Minister without Portfolio?

I've often ended up in life 'minster without portfolio' - you know the guy that was on cabinet by didn't have anything 100% to do, but did special projects and created great stuff. You know he was needed, but...

For me it's happened to put me somewhere in the system, a system that I didn't fit into, and acknowledge I was there, and possibly useful. Its just 'we don't know what use to make of you'! 

I wonder if this is a good thing and to be enjoyed?

At school we had a cadet force. Lots of teenagers playing army, lots of marching, cleaning equipment and occasionally doing cool things like shooting targets and going to camps with 'Compo' rations. (Compo rations helpfully note on the outside of the case that there is enough lunch for '1 man for 7 days, or 7 men for 1 day' - got the picture!) Were did I end up? In the pioneer duty, along with other under-utilised and unstructured people who were very interesting but not useful, and we better put them away from the main guys as they don't really fit.

Going to church ended up somewhat the same. Being a leader there is only a couple of roles in a church. An elder or an administrator (cunningly called 'team or home group leaders'). I was neither, but passionately did my stuff and encouraged people, offering hope. Not being very mature I got upset that I couldn't just lead and on about the third time around found myself, finding myself (hallelujah).  Deciding that I could only be me, and if nothing else, I made up my own role - minster without portfolio. My pastor, being a wise man, allowed this room and I was allowed to play with all the sections and do my thing just reporting to him.

In business its been much the same! I am an entrepreneur. I make stuff happen, if I can't find things to happen I get upset.  I love to have a cause to tell you about, and you'll going to find value. I'm not very structured but I have learnt ways to structure my thoughts and I'm interesting and mostly useful!

Today I''m meeting people who are the same. They have competently got to the place they have by working hard and the only place left is 'the top job' - the CEO, the Pastor, the Head boy, the Commander. But they are not sure they want that, its too structured and its actually not that interesting! (to them and me anyway) My plea is don't try and become someone you are not. Excel in being you, and be happy. Tell you boss how excited you are about the business, show her that you can do new things, be relevant, create, and perhaps if you need it get some by in, some street cred, then ask to be a 'minister without portfolio' too.

Its the most difficult role to do as you have to be totally 'you' and totally 'present' to survive. And you don't have a choice because they need you, and you need to be 'it'.