Is Twitter good?

I've just read an article in the NZ Herald on 'Twitter'. Quote - 'But the real opportunity for Twitter is probably smart advertising, hyper-contextual placements that most of the digital soothsayers say is where the paid web is heading'. Its were the paid web is heading! (note 'the web' and 'paid' i.e. no longer free?) Now I do 'tweet' and found it a very interesting way to make and keep up with connections- I have actually got a few 'relationships' into my network as a result. From the command hub of my 'tweetdeck' (yes there really is an application that comes on your screen) I can scan all my friends 'tweets', see Linkedin Status updates (as they can be 'tweets' now) and even my Facebook update page. So in one place I can get a lot of information - its like opening a newspaper page and glancing across all my mediums, if I'm interested I can interact. Its not imposed on me, its not Spam (like so many emails) and I can choose if its relevant, applicable, and enjoy expecting to see great content from people I follow. In fact it can have all the hallmarks of great permission marketing! So today I see TEC linked-in updates, the Fierce Group, the top 5 twits (!) in NZ, Seth Godin's updates and if I want some fun I could follow Arnie in California or Branson. I even get followed by a totally new group of people when I say on Sunday I'm listening to Vampire weekend (Ok I'm a bit alternative!). 2 months ago we had a 'tweet up' in our home. 50 people came and we had live twittering, live video interviews, group discussions led by top commentators etc. The whole thing was live in my home, but also live on the web and global - the leaders of this were brave to try it out as the global interactive audience were expecting a high level of interaction. How amazing to have this expectation now! So is all that good? I don't know, but its interesting and its emerging and its part of the way communication is changing whether we like it or not and like anything new you don't get it right first time. So I'm having a go, changing my thinking, and starting to enjoy the interaction. Simon NZ Herald article- (ps- that is a real web link done by 'tiny' so you don't have useless long links for people to paste - try it!)

Simon O'Shaughnessy

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