Seth's latest book

Linchpin is for me the best he's done. Not an easy read as I find the style a bit 'bloggy' but its going to make you think 'how remarkable am I', and 'this could make me irreplaceable'. An unusual work. Linchpin cover

Today we face the challenge of either doing the 9-5pm job and taking the money (=no thought, no freedom, no future). Or accepting that you can't control everything and enjoy the possibilities of being YOU - this is scary and uncertain (but = freedom, remarkable, wanted , authentic and also we hope money). It's the only option to avoid just being a cog in someone else's machine, or being like the air attendant that says 'bye' at the end of the flight because you have to.

Lots of thoughts in this book about making YOUR art, being YOU, being authentic and generous as the way forward in 2010.

Many thanks Seth