Warning -Exec 'Out of Order'

danger- person out of order I have a theory that most of us are only really (capital R) good at one or two things - and probably at our core, just one.

But in practice CEOs and SME directors are expected to be able to read balanced scorecards, coach their staff, understand every financial report, be social media savy, while being  'ace' at sales and networking. Sort of gods?

The truth is of course that it's not going to happen! Even when we all work 80 hour weeks to compensate in an attempt to fill the gaps, it's still not going to happen. Instead it's burn out, depression and the inevitable redundancy as we can't perform a job that was impossible.

Read a few 'consultant' CVs and you will see the same attempt to be masters of just about every area of business, when we want accurate and specific help to make the difference. Not so much the superwoman with all powers, but one with authentic power to make the difference that will stand.

So what if we instead become super good at delivering our core value. Being THE person who owns this area in the business and has the insight to bring others in to deliver the overall experience. Avoiding the damaged talent, it could offer new solutions - better staff and happier leaders, sought after specialists, even new types of specialists who offer talent and language for today.

We want better leaders who know who they are, know what they have got to offer and passionately give it all. If we are going to be 'quicker, smarter, better' then perhaps we have got to get clear and deliver from the core. The rest is of doubtful value.