Odd one out?

I like this photo. It tells a story, but its not about the pig!Its about the odd one out. For me that is the guy on the far right, the one that looks sort of normal (for you it might be another?).

So he looks OK, he's in black, so that is PC. He blends in. He's probably in IT or design.He isn't very interested in you, and possibly resenting being drawn away from HIS important work.You meet him every day, hidden in accounts, deep in the lab - doing research, charging you by the minute for his drawing skill.

Am I cruel here? Its just that I want to make a point and thats the other 3 to me are quite authentic.Authentically odd? Well maybe.Wonderful normal - I think! You are going to know you met them - they will surprise you - you'll get something.

But that guy in black is like a black hole - nothing comes back from him. He's the odd one - avoid him if you can.

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