Catalyse - a personal brand (plogo!)

New Personal Brand This is part of my new logo - its a personal one, its 'me' - we call it a 'plogo'.

Its been a interesting journey discovering, and enjoying, the fact that I AM a brand. I took courage to start this exercise by reading Seth Godin's book Linchpin. Here he takes the concept of a product needing to be a 'Purple Cow' (you may need to read this book if you haven't as its essential) to get onto our radar even for a moment - if its not remarkable then we don't notice it and 'click' we are gone! - and starts to define the future of people at work into also becoming 'remarkable' and 'Linchpins'- stand outs, truly themselves, wonderfully relevant and skilful. In fact you just can't do without them in your business!

But to do this you actually need to know who you are! You need a personal brand and that means a name that is uniquely expressive of your essence, and outputs such as a graphic design, professional story (CV) and even perhaps your music and your art. (I don't have my music yet but I do have a couple of artists working on my art - very exciting)

This has a strong business dimension in that it defines you in your work, makes you stand out from the crowd and clarifies your value to clients.

So my plogo is Catalyse. I have always found unique possibilities, and created significant value in business, by bringing things together that others have missed. I do this now for new brands and people. With Executives I help them find themselves, their core, and move past the ingrained barriers that stop them becoming even more successful. For new products I link my aggressive, pioneering spirit with finding the essence needed to make a 'blue ocean' - I catalyse.

If you would like to know about Personal Branding it would be a pleasure to tell you more - +64 21 556 458