It could be a Lie!

Believe me!  





There is a range of lies that come to us as wisdom. Its wisdom you have from an idea driven into you from your background and past, or its the 'sensible' advice of a friend. Mostly this wisdom relies on past information and we make the mistake of using it in the present.

Some lies that I've noticed that DON'T help me at all!

  1. Comfort is my life goal. Regrettably we often believe that comfort, and having stuff, will create a satisfied life. I'm not going to waste a lot of time on this one as you have only got to see people who retire early 'into the country' or those that strike it lucky once early in life, and then check out, to see this is rubbish.  The close lie to this is also You are your work.  So lets leave this as a question to how we see our futures.
  2. Everyone knows something I don't. More insidious this one as we probably don't want to acknowledge we think like this. Its symptoms are your retreat from engagement, staying out of discussions, looking good comments, silo work etc.. The truth is of course that YOU know things that others don't - your input and uniqueness is vital to the business - only you think the way you do and without you we are less.
  3. You must be careful to not run out of money. Personally one of the most damaging ideas for my creative brain as focus on money usually inhibits any creative thought with the blocks of 'worry'. I hear my father say this, and an accountant that I fired who told me that our young company results we so bad that we must not spend anything (including marketing, phone and exhibit work) in the next 12 months. Following his advice would have destroyed the company which was focused on marketing new concepts in a growth area in the UK.  Sure he was giving good advice (wisdom from current information), but it was wrong and created fear. And fear is an issue for an entrepreneurial mindset.
  4. It will never be this good again (or as good again- pre GFC) This fear inducer almost produces a black cloud in my minds eye as I say it! Like all fears there is only one antidote - do something! Take and action, or passivity wins and creates this outcome - its the one you have accepted and focused on isn't it? Lets reframe this and suggest that it will never be 'the same' again which is good isn't it? We want creative change, new ideas and opportunties - and they are only an action away.
  5. I'm not good enough to be in this role. Its surprising to see great business people often think they got to this position by some sort of external luck. Or 'if people really knew me, then...' In my experience this disempowering lie minimises the enjoyment of your true success and makes you a victim of others actions. A sort of - 'I'm no good and they are all right' situation as one of my colleagues says. The reality of seeing yourself today and being present can change this and refuel the enjoyment of life - it also tends to help people feel a lot more comfortable as they are around the real you.
Lies come to us in many ways - they always come 'sold' as the only solution. A great trick to seeing them is to Pause, don't react, see what is being created emotionally and decide 'is this what I want to happen, to believe - or is there another way?'