Two Articles on Culture to read

A couple of useful articles on Culture in the Business - and why it creates income and performance


The First article is new employees looking in.

This simple take on a new employee looking for work and asking if they fit in from Fast Company underlines two points for me.

1. A good new employee will judge the business on how they see the culture these days (not just the money)

2. If you don’t have a company handbook (aka Cultural Map) it says a lot


The second article is from HBR and is all about Trust and financial performance.

The facts are we see lots of articles, lots of key book (Covey etc) that are seminal at this time and still DO Nothing!

Tribal Leadership creates triads as simply put  3 = Culture (one is person, two is a relationship, 3 is..)

At 3 you have to work with others, you have to listen, and you have to create outcomes that work for all - so its clear why this is opposed by the ‘I’m great and you are not’ stage 3 brigade!

Don’t forget Stage 3 people create nothing for the legacy of the business (or infact others)

 One of my favourite ones from @gapingvoid

One of my favourite ones from @gapingvoid