Movement is Essential.

I love this picture and David Lynch quote. It captures the core truth that without movement, without trying, without experience, we learn nothing. This is true of us personally and in business. And yet the passivity to change is one of our greatest struggles. 

How is it that so many people and ideas get struck? The obvious examples are in retail and family generational business. But not so clear are the wonderful leaders caught in a system.

Change is difficult and not easy. It comes with a cost. You have to do battle with the no-sayers and bullies - 'we tried that and it doesn't work' brigade, the egotistic who won't 'buy in' unless its all about them. But I find the deeper cost is the internal resistance (well written about by Steven Pressfield). The voice that still nags for an easier life, and a minimising of the costs. It becomes just that bit more personal. But then I remember my Dr Who. and with my best Dalek voice say 'resistance is futile!!'