Lets start with some quotes to understand how important this former ‘soft skill’ is in business today.

‘An Organisations Culture is eight times more influential on performance variance that its staregic or business plan’– London School of Economics.

‘60% of organisational performance is attributable to culture’ & ‘80% of organisational culture is attributable to leadership behaviours’ - Prof.Higgs Univ. of Southampton.

‘Organisational heath will one day surpass all other disciplines in business as the greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage’ - Pat Lencioni from his book ‘The Advantage’

I believe creating great teams is not only possible, its vital. Its using what you have in your hand as a leader – your people. Its about empowering them to succeed in a world in which ‘constant change’ is the new norm. And its about valuing, honouring, and giving them tools to succeed and create value.

So the ‘win’ is not only for the organisation in getting better and stronger teams; cutting through the silo’s, power grabbing and non communicating levels of a company with the obvious financial savings. Its also a big ‘win’ for your people who desire purpose, mastery and autonomy in their lives. The big 3 we all need! How wonderful to have a better business, and happier performing people!

But how do you change your culture and upgrade the performance of your teams to new levels?

As David Logan says "Most leaders agree that culture is the critical factor in performance, but can’t define it, measure it, or change it. As a result, the few organisations that get culture right seem magical, and people who try to replicate their success usually end up frustrated and cynical." 

Discovering and upgrading your culture, with great performing teams. – The course!

Tribal Leadership is the core of my Culture change courses aimed at senior executives in your organisation.

It brings together the methodology I have learnt through working through the 4 levels of the Culturesync programme with my coaching practise,  to empower leaders to lead, and give them practical tools and systems to upgrade their people. Its organic and ‘felt’ so that the learning becomes a new way of working unique, and authentic, to the leaders.

My own journey to Approved Tribal Leader has been by working with 2 others on a project, virtually (we never met!) and creating value that no one of us could have achived singularly. So about as difficult as you can make it! Different time zones, different characters, different  aspects, and cultures. It was a profound journey of discovery as we became an exceptional team.

My Team Performance course takes place best over a 6 month period. Elements include: workshops, supported coached groups, CEO coaching, monthly ‘homework’ for focused learning, personality profiles and feedback.

Call +64 21 556 458 for more information and find out more about me at  http://nz.linkedin.com/in/simonoshaughnessy